Commiting Child Survival in Tribal Rural Areas

Cotton clothes distribution for needy & poor trbal children from TEACH. If u want to donate the clothes please contact us. Some things are useless for us but same things are useful for some one.

Elder Person & Eye care

In older age most of the people are suffering from eye diseases & loss of vision,the most common eye diseases are cataracts & glaucoma. These diseases may cause blindness if person should not get proper health services. Among rural householers older people are more likeiy to become blind due to the lack of acess & ability to pay for heaith services & increased chances of eye infections & diseases. There are lack of medical & surgical facilities in rural areas older people are deprived from eye care. TEACH has significant programmes of elder person & eye care. Monthly eye checkup camp. Monthly eye surgery camp.

Water Supply & Sanitation

Water supply & sanitation are two of the most important sectors in development , acess to water supply & sanitation are basic human needs & rights. Lack of clean drinking water in rural areas, most of house hold suffering from gastro intestinal disorders like diarohea, amoebasis, giardiasis, etc. In the rural area most of houehold use open place & the road sides for laterines.this is one major cause of illness in ruralareas. TEACH made significant progress in some house hold in preventon of unhygien, by teaching them proper habit.


Exclusive breast feeding up to six months & continue breast feeding up to 24 months with complementary food from six months, start from six months of age up to 24 months & (beyond) makes child healthy. Child mortality due to the disease like diarrhoea,pnumonea, measles,maleria,is greater in nonfeeding child as compaired to exclusive breast feeding child. First breast milk is rich in antibodies & growth factors. Initiate breast feeding within first hour of delivery. It is an important source of nutrents. Benefits of breast fedding for the mother are:-
•  Lowers the risk of hip fracture. •  Lowers the risk of premanopausal breast cancer & ovarian cancer. •  It helps in reducing weight after delivery ,the weight which gain before delivary. •  EXCLUSIVELY BREAST FEED CHILDREN GROW JUST AS WELL.


We pramote girl child education.We believe that girls who are educated grown up become teacher for two families.

UNICEF Certificate

Certificate for Infant and Young Child Feeding
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